We only install high quality CCTV systems. You can only expect crystal clear images both day and night from all the systems we install.

All our cameras can see 30 metres + in total darkness, so even if you have no additional lighting you will still have clear images.

All our CCTV systems come with a 12 months warranty, for extra piece of mind.

We design and install systems specific to your requirements and budget.

View footage live and remotely from anywhere in the world on all our CCTV systems*.

*Internet connection required.


The Images/Videos shown below have been compressed to reduce bandwidth. This has affected the video quality. Real life images will be superior to the ones shown here.

Crystal Clear images both day and night on all our CCTV systems. The CCTV camera used in this video footage is a 2MP IP camera which is the lowest resolution we install.

All our cameras contain ultra low light sensors. This means the cameras are able to provide clear images even when it's pitch black. We also install cameras with permanent colour, which mean no black and white images in the dark.

CCTV cameras are not only a great visual deterrent for crime, they are extremely useful for health and safety. Some cameras also have audio built in.

We are registered installers of advanced analytic software, as shown in this example. This software is an additional piece of equipment and is market leading when it comes to the reduction of false alarms. 

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