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Image Quality - 2MP IP Camera

We often get asked about the image quality at night. This is obviously very important as most intruders strike during the dark hours.

This system consisted of just 1 camera. The camera used on this installation was a 2MP IP camera. This is the lowest resolution we install, so you can guarantee excellent image quality when we install one of our CCTV systems on your property.

We fit cameras on residential installs upto 12MP in resolution. That's 6 x the resolution of these images!

As you can see, the images both day and night are brilliant. This camera has fantastic low light levels which means it needs to be absolutely pitch black before the camera turns on its built in Infra Red. The camera doesn't even go in to black and white even when the street lights are inoperable.

*These are screenshots from the mobile app, and have been compressed for posting online. Actual image quality will be better in real time live view.

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