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New Video Doorbell

We started testing a new line in Video Doorbells, that in our opinion is the best choice on the market at the moment.

These doorbells have 2MP cameras built in, giving a crystal clear Full HD image.

The doorbells offer human detection, this means, even if nobody presses your doorbell, you can be notified via a push notification to your smart phone that someone is within the detection zone.

No need for cables with these doorbells either as they have a built in rechargeable battery which offers a long battery life.

We have been getting around 3 months out of ours before requiring a recharge. This is with fairly heavy use. Manufacturer quotes up to 6 months, but again this depends on usage.

There are no extra subscriptions required with these doorbells. They store their images, including playback on an SD card. You can then use the app to playback etc.

Are you looking for a new Video Doorbell?

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