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Paxton10 Installation

We have been busy the past few weeks on the installation of a Paxton10 access control system.

The system will be set up on 2 main doors and an intercom linked to the upstairs offices. The office doors will also be setup with Pax Lock Pro door handles and individual permissions will be set to certain doors and areas.

The system can be controlled via app or pc, allowing the site manager to make changes wherever they are including opening and closing doors and removing permissions for lost credentials.

These Pax Lock Pro door handles work wirelessly when connected to the Paxton connectors, and the batteries inside last around 2 years.

This client is on a maintenance plan so will never have to worry about changing the batteries themselves as we will take care of that for them.

Are you looking to have a Paxton system installed on your premises? Contact us today and arrange for a quote.

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