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Perimeter Protection CCTV System

In the past few weeks we have started the installation of a perimeter protection CCTV system.

The customer has recently moved premises and fallen victims to theft.

We installed 4 IP CCTV cameras with human & vehicle detection built in. The cameras also contain built in speakers for audio warning to be issued.

We also added 2 Auto Tracking PTZ cameras. These cameras will also detect human and vehicles. If they detect anything that is set up in their view, they will track the person or vehicle and take snapshots whilst doing so.

These will be saved on the hard drive of the recorder and make it easy for the customer to filter later on without having to go through hours of playback.

We will shortly be going back to install an additional 8 cameras. These will cover the full perimeter and send alarms back to our partners NSI Gold Monitoring Station. They will then either issue Audio to warn the intruders off, or will call out a Response unit or the local Police.

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