• Focal Point Security

Wireless Alarm

We have received a new batch of AJAX wireless alarm kits, ready to be installed on our clients sites. These alarms are almost completely wireless apart from the Hub (Brains of the System) which requires mains power. If you've already decorated your property but missed off the alarm, this is the perfect solution for you, as there is no cables to run.

This system is Grade 2 compliant and conforms to PD6662:2017.

The devices that connect to this system like the PIR's, Sirens etc have up to a 7 year battery life so no need to worry about changing batteries every few weeks.

The system is extremely versatile and easy to use, and works with keypads, fobs and smart phones. The app that is provided free of charge, allows you to set, unset and set off panic alarms from the palm of your hand, in tests we have found the delay to be less than 1 sec. This is truly ground breaking for a wireless system.

Having already installed a number of these Alarms, we have received amazing feedback. It's easy to see going forward why this will be our Customers choice of Alarm when a wired system just isn't possible.

Are you looking to try one of these on your property? Contact us today for a quote.

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